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We've Got Updates!!!

WOW! February has been a busy month! First, I had the honor of being a part of Unapologetically Radical hosted by New Haven Cultural. I was lucky enough to be on the panel called "Authoring Your Life" which focused on how creatives give a voice to black and brown stories and the importance behind doing so. I had such a fantastic conversation with Greg & Alexandria and I hope we can collaborate again!

Next up, I started a new project this week! It is my first in person job since COVID shut everything down last year. I have felt completely safe and taken care of on set and I am so happy to be acting in person again (even with masks on). I can't say much about the project right now, but just know it is SO GREAT! I cannot wait to see the finished product and for you all to see it as well.

There are more exciting news coming soon, so stick around so you don't miss anything!

Talk to you all soon,



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