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Thank You, For Colored Girls

It has been a few weeks since For Colored Girls, and I just want to say a huge THANK YOU! Thank you to everyone who came out to support this incredibly special project. Thank you for showing your love for us and your belief in this workshop/show. Thank you to The People's Forum for hosting us and allowing us to transform your space into ours. Your kindness and support has been amazing. Thank you to my ladies. We worked so hard so quickly and created something beautiful. We laughed and cried and put our whole hearts into this. I can't imagine doing this show with any other group of incredible women. And the most special thank you to Shenny! Shenny, I cannot explain how perfect the timing was for this show. You brought us together and created a safe, creative space where we could be ourselves and make art. You are truly an angel. Finally, Ntozake. I know you were shining your light on us and I hope we made you proud. Bringing your words to life has been a dream of mine for years and I am honored to have done it. Thank you for teaching us and other beautiful colored women how to find god in ourselves and love her fiercely.

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