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A Very Girly Story

Hello All,

I am very excited to officially announce A Very Girl Story. Myself and these four incredibly talented have been working on this very special project since December of 2017. A Very Girly Story is an immersive, participatory sleepover play that explores friendship, intimacy, and how women learn and grow. The strength, empowerment, and equality of women have always been topics that are very important to me. With this project I have been blessed with the opportunity to work on something that means the world to me and these magical women.

If that wasn't enough, WE ARE INSTAGRAM OFFICIAL!! Follow us HERE for updates about our progress.We have some very exciting news coming up. We can't wait to share more of A Very Girly Story with you!

The Ladies from left to right:

Galia Backal, Madison Reiske, Camila Perez Santiago, Julie Solomon, Kelsey Senteio (ME!)

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